Table 3

Reasons for false positives of AHRQ PSI in the ICD-10 hospital discharge abstract administrative data when the indicator of presence on admission was ignored

PSI 5—foreign body left during the procedure N=29PSI 7—selected infections due to medical care N=25PSI 12— postoperative PE or DVT N=9PSI 13— postoperative sepsis N=37PSI 15—accidental puncture or laceration N=11
18—present on admission7—present on admission6—present on admission15—present on admission4—present on admission
8—no foreign body11—unrelated to medical care2—had DVT/PE in the past12—urgent surgeries, having sepsis7—no accidental puncture or laceration
2—for treatment purposes (eg, packing, stitch)5—IV site bruised or injured, no infection1—no DVT/PE6—urgent surgeries, no sepsis
1—patient pulled and broke the catheter2—conflicting documentation2—no sepsis
2—no surgery, sepsis
  • AHRQ, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; DVT, deep vein thrombosis; ICD-10, International Classification of Disease 10th revision; PE, pulmonary embolism; PSI, patient safety indicator.