Table 1

The key themes and the content of the 4 day LTP

Key themesContent of LTP
1. Introduction to lean thinking and working
  • What is lean? The VUmc definition

  • The different types of waste

  • Learning to recognise waste

  • Operational management as a driver of continuous improvement

2. Management by standards
  • How to formulate metrics/critical process indicators

  • The use of visual management

  • 5S as a lean tool

  • Stand-ups as a daily routine

3. Solving problems
  • The benefits of standardisation

  • Asking the appropriate questions for problem solving

4. Lean leadership
  • What is lean leadership?

  • A leader's standard work

  • At the end of the LTP, all participants were asked to formulate at least one action point for improving their work using lean as an improvement philosophy.