Table 2

Quality rating of studies by assessing internal and external validity with the PEDro scale

PEDro criterionBissetCoombesHayPriceSmidtTokerLindenhoviusNewcomerM-SilvestriniPetersonSelvanettiKocharTonks
1Eligibility criteria were specified1111111111111
2Participants were randomly allocated to groups1111111111111
3Allocation was concealed1110101001101
4The groups were similar at baseline regarding the most important prognostic indicators1111111111110
5There was blinding of all participants0001001100000
6There was blinding of all therapists who administered the therapy0000001100000
7There was blinding of all assessors who measured at least one key outcome1111101000000
8Measures of at least one key outcome were obtained from more than 85% of the participants initially allocated to groups1111110111100
9All participants for whom outcome measures were available, received the treatment or control condition as allocated or, where this was not the case, data for at least one key outcome was analysed by ‘intention to treat’1111111111100
10The results of between-group statistical comparisons are reported for at least one key outcome1111111111111
11The study provides point measures as well as measures of variability for at least one key outcome1111111111111
Total PEDro score
(Sum criteria 2–11, maximum score is 10)