Table 4

Estimated incident rate ratios, associated 95% CIs and associated p values for negative binomial regression for premature (U75) CHD mortality count

Explanatory variableIRR95% CIp ValueEffect of a 1% increase in explanatory variable on percentage change in premature mortality (CI)
Percentage of White patients1.008(1.003 to 1.012)0.002+0.8%(0.3 to 1.2)
Deprivation score1.017(1.011 to 1.024)<0.001+1.7%(1.1 to 2.3)
Prevalence of diabetes in 2006/20071.114(1.028 to 1.208)0.009+11.4%(2.8 to 20.8)
Percentage over 651.059(1.038 to 1.081)<0.001+5.9%(3.8 to 8.1)
Percentage of male patients1.067(1.038 to 1.103)<0.001+6.7%(3.8 to 10.3)
Number of GPs/1000 patients1.197(0.885 to 1.619)0.244+19.7%(−11.5 to 61.9)
Hypertension detection in 2006/20070.978(0.950 to 1.007)0.133−2.2%(−5.0 to 0.7)
Percentage of patients offered smoking cessation advice (SM02)1.002(0.993 to 1.011)0.712+0.2%(−0.7 to 1.1)
Percentage of serum cholesterol (CHD08)0.991(0.981 to 1.000)0.044−0.9%(−1.9 to 0.0)
Percentage of aspirin (CHD09)1.002(0.982 to 1.022)0.884+0.2%(−1.8 to 2.2)
Percentage of patients with recalled perception of being able to see preferred GP0.994(0.989 to 1.00)0.036−0.6%(−1.1 to 0.0)
  • Also included are the effects on premature CHD mortality count of a unit increase in the value of the explanatory variables.

  • *One unit on scale for deprivation score.

  • CHD, coronary heart disease; GP, general practitioner.