Table 3

Summary statistics for mortality counts, population characteristics and service characteristics

Summary statistics in this study median (IQR)
Mortality data
 Indirectly standardised CHD mortality95.9 (78.3, 119.9)
 Indirectly standardised CHD mortality—under 7592.4 (64.0, 135.6)
 Crude rate per 10001.30 (0.95, 1.57)
 Crude rate per 1000—under 750.43 (0.28, 0.58)
Practice characteristics
 Deprivation indices16.2 (10.0, 27.0)
 Percentage of GP list on diabetes register3.8 (3.3, 4.4)
 Percentage of White ethnicity89.9 (77.5, 94.1)
 Percentage of population who are over 6514.7 (12.1, 17.0)
 Percentage of population who are male50.2 (49.5, 51.2)
 List size6435 (3749, 10319)
Service characteristics
 GPs/10000.55 (0.47, 0.64)
 Percentage of patients with recalled perception of being able to see preferred GP88 (80, 93)
 Percentage of GP registered list on hypertension register12.3 (11.0, 14.7)
The percentage of patients with any or any combination of the following conditions: coronary heart disease, stroke or TIA, hypertension, diabetes, COPD or asthma who smoke and whose notes contain a record that smoking cessation advice or referral to a specialist service, where available, has been offered within the previous 15 months SM0294 (92, 96)
The percentage of patients with CHD whose last measured total cholesterol level (measured in the previous 15 months) is ≤5 mmol/L CHD0882 (78, 87)
The percentage of patients with CHD with a record in the previous 15 months that aspirin, an alternative antiplatelet therapy, or an anticoagulant is being taken (unless a contraindication or adverse effects are recorded) CHD0995 (93, 97)
CHD overall achievement score1083 (80, 86)
  • CHD, coronary heart disease; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; GP, general practitioner; TIA, transient ischaemic attack.