Table 1

Patient characteristics and surgery-related details (mean±SD) by hysterectomy method in 1996 and 2006

1996 (N=5875)2006 (N=1255)1996 (N=1801)2006 (N=2345)1996 (N=2434)2006 (N=1679)
BMI (kg/m2)26.34.527.15.326.33.926.44.424.93.926.14.6
Operation time (min)86319337883278331244810843
Haemorrhage (mL)305312355360342353203269262271270669
Uterine weight (g)29030243342510984131110195108210146
Hospital stay (days)
Convalescence (days)34.45.332.34.634.08.829.
  • All pairs (1996 vs 2006); p<0.001, except in LH for haemorrhage (p=0.603) and in VH for BMI (p=0.484).

  • BMI, body mass index; LH, laparoscopic hysterectomy; VH, vaginal hysterectomy.