Table 4

Characteristics of patients reclassified out of CKD without diagnosed comorbidity

Mean (SD)No of patients with available data
Age56.6 (10.0)463
Creatine in µmol/L97 (11.9)463
Chol/HDL ratio4.4 (1.6)285
Total cholesterol in mmol/L5.8 (1.0)295
HDL in mmol/L1.44 (0.43)290
LDL in mmol/L3.78 (0.89)289
Triglycerides in mmol/L1.42 (0.76)289
Albumin/creatine ratio0.9 (0.5–0.9)65
Albumin urine in mg/L2.9 (2.0–5.25)38
Diastolic blood pressure in mm Hg81.8 (9.1)218
Systolic blood pressure in mm Hg138.0 (16.7)218
Either systolic or diastolic blood pressure ≥140/90 mm Hg111218
EuroSCORE 10 year cardiovascular disease risk ≥20%20172