Table 3

Characteristics of patients reclassified out of CKD compared to those who remained in stage 3a

VariableRemained in stage 3a (N=4338)No of available dataReclassified out of CKD (N=1428)No of available dataP for comparison
Age74.0 (9.5)433860.3 (9.5)1428<0.0001
Female61% N=2654433876% N=10871428<0.0001
Cardiovascular disease36% N=1566433818% N=2501428<0.0001
Hypertension57% N=2463433847% N=6661428<0.0001
Diabetes26% N=1134433817% N=2431428<0.0001
None (also excluding albuminuria)21% N=924433839% N=5571428<0.0001
Statins46% N=2000433833% N=4751428<0.0001
ACE inhibitors and/or Angiotensin II receptor antagonists54% N=2349433837% N=5331428<0.0001
Diuretics43% N=1862433826% N=3671428<0.0001
Creatine in µmol/L102 (14.3)433893 (11.4)1428<0.0001
Cholesterol/HDL ratio4.2 (1.4)33384.3 (1.6)11180.020
Total cholesterol in mmol/L5.1 (1.2)34985.4 (1.1)1157<0.0001
HDL in mmol/L1.31 (0.40)34541.36 (0.41)1150<0.0001
LDL in mmol/L3.05 (1.02)34513.31 (1.01)1150<0.0001
Triglycerides in mmol/L1.65 (0.83)34581.64 (1.05)11560.616
Albumin/creatine ratio*1.0 (0.9–2.5)20920.9 (0.7–1.2)583<0.0001
Albumin urine in mg/L*6.0 (2.9–17.0)11743.0 (2.0–8.0)348<0.0001
Diastolic blood pressure in mm Hg78.4 (9.4)354081.5 (9.0)1043<0.0001
Systolic blood pressure in mm Hg143.3 (17.5)3540139.7 (15.8)1042<0.0001
  • *Values are mean (SD) or median (first, third quartile). Percentages of prevalence are calculated with the denominator of available data.

  • HDL, high-density lipoprotein; LDL, low-density lipoprotein.