Table 3

Regression model for attitudes towards availability (n= 672)

β*p Value
Availability (1=wide; 4=restrictive)
Confidence (1=low; 5=high)−0.1140.005
Gender (0=man; 1=woman)0.0100.807
Level of education
 LowReference level
Self-reported general health
 Poor/fairReference level
 Excellent/very good−0.0110.838
Work in healthcare (0=never worked in healthcare; 1=currently working in healthcare/worked in healthcare in past)−0.0380.358
Use of OTC drugs in year prior to questionnaire (0=no; 1=yes)−0.0100.813
  • Bold type indicates p<0.05.

  • Adjusted R2 0.07.

  • *Standardised coefficients.

  • OTC, over-the-counter.