Table 1

Demographic characteristics of the respondents and the Dutch population aged 18 years and older

 RespondentsDutch population aged 18 years and older*
NPer centPer cent
Age (years)972 
 65 and older35736.719.5
 Low (none, primary school or prevocational education)18419.433.8
 Middle (secondary or vocational education)44847.340.5
 High (professional higher education or university)31633.325.7
Self-reported general health965 
 Poor/fair17518.1Less than good†18.6
 Excellent/very good30331.4Very good28.8
Working in healthcare919 
 No, never worked in healthcare66372.1Not available
 Yes, I am currently working in healthcare11913.0Not available
 Yes, I have worked in healthcare in the past13714.9Not available
Use of OTC drugs in the year prior to the questionnaire960 
 No16016.7Not available
 Yes80083.3Not available
  • *Data of the Dutch population aged 18 years and older are based on information from Statistics Netherlands.

  • †Statistics Netherlands has three categories of self-reported general health. The percentage of Statistics Netherlands relate to the overall health of the entire general population, including those under 18 years.

  • OTC, over-the-counter.