Table 2

Characteristics of included reviews

Review characteristicBagul and Kirkham14Breau et al15Turner et al16Shukralla et al17Capili et al18Pitrou et al20Haidich et al21
Clinical areaHypertensionUrologyAcupuncture therapies and other complementary alternative medicines (CAM)EpilepsyAcupunctureMixedMixed
Type of intervention(s)Drug interventions for hypertensionUnclearAcupuncture, massage therapies and herbal medicines.Drug interventions for epilepsyAcupuncture (excluding studies that evaluated acupressure, laser acupuncture, and auricular acupuncture)Drug interventionsDrug interventions
Journals/databases searchedCochrane Cent RegisJ Urol; Urology; Eur Urol; BJU IntCochrane Collaboration's CAM Field Specialised Regist TrialsMEDLINE; Cochrane Libr; Epilepsy Group Trial RegistryMEDLINE; Allied Complement Med; Cumulative Index Nurs Allied Health Lit; Evid Based Med RevMEDLINE via PubMed (NEJM, Lancet, JAMA;BMJ; Ann Intern Med; PLoS Med)MEDLINE (Ann Intern Med, BMJ, JAMA, Lancet, NEJM)
Date restrictionsJanuary 2005 to September 20101996 and 2004 only2009January 1999 to December 20082005 to 20081 Jan 2006 to 1 Jan 20072003 and 2006 only
Number of RCTs included in the review4115220515210133102
Inclusion criteriaRandomised controlled hypertension trials comparing two parallel arms reported in standard CONSORT endorsing journalsRCTs of therapeutic interventions published in the three selected journals for the 2 years.All Cochrane Complementary Medicine RCTs pertaining to 15 CAM intervention categories.RCTs comparing AEDs (antiepileptic drugs); RCT patient population with epilepsy; RCTs published in English.Studies published in the English language, acupuncture for pain reduction, a method for evaluating level of pain, and randomised allocation to treatment group.Articles were included if the study was identified as an RCT with two parallel arms (in selected journals).Published RCTs assessing drugs in the selected journals for the 2 years.