Table 6

Logistic regression of association between susceptibility to smoke and packaging receptivity to Silk Cut Superslims

Dependent variable: susceptibility, 1=Susceptible, 0=Non-susceptiblen=970AOR95% CIp Value
Block 1
 Close friends smoking
  Most do not smoke 8141.000.948
  Majority smoke471.120.572.200.744
  Do not know/not stated1091.000.641.590.985
 Sibling smoking
  No siblings smoke8101.00<0.001
  Any siblings smoke1322.221.483.32<0.001
  Do not know/not stated282.231.024.880.044
 Parental smoking
  Neither parent smokes5501.000.010
  Either parent smokes3622.051.153.670.015
  Not sure/not stated/no mum/dad581.461.062.010.019
Block 2
 Socio-economic group
Block 3
 Packaging receptivity to Silk Cut Superslims
  Not receptive9121.00
Model summary at each blockTest of model coefficientsNagelkerke R
χ2dfp Value
Block 127.9476<0.0010.041
Block 24.82430.1850.048
Block 326.6401<0.0010.085
Final model59.41110<0.0010.085
  • AOR, adjusted OR.

  • Nine hundred and seventy cases analysed, 55 cases with missing values. Cases correctly classified=72.7%. Ninety-six per cent of non-susceptible never smokers and 13.1% of susceptible never smokers were correctly classified.