Table 5

Logistic regression of association between susceptibility to smoke and pack appraisal of the ‘novelty’ Marlboro Bright Leaf pack

Dependent variable: susceptibility, 1=Susceptible, 0=Non-susceptiblen=968AOR95% CIp Value
Block 1
 Close friends smoking
  Most do not smoke 8151.000.401
  Majority smoke461.480.772.830.240
  Do not know/not stated1071.190.761.880.444
 Sibling smoking
  No siblings smoke8071.00<0.001
  Any siblings smoke1342.391.603.57<0.001
  Do not know/not stated271.990.894.440.093
 Parental smoking
  Neither parent smokes5441.000.054
  Either parent smokes3671.891.063.390.032
  Not sure/not stated/no mum/dad571.290.941.780.113
Block 2
 Socioeconomic group
Block 3
 Packaging appraisal of Marlboro Bright Leaf
  Not positive appraisal8281.00
  Positive appraisal1402.511.713.67<0.001
Model summary at each blockTest of model coefficientsNagelkerke R
χ2dfp Value
Block 124.7616<0.0010.036
Block 27.81930.0500.047
Block 321.7001<0.0010.078
Final model54.27910<0.0010.078
  • Nine hundred and sixty-eight cases analysed, 57 cases with missing values. Cases correctly classified=72.3%. Ninety-seven per cent of non-susceptible never smokers and 10.1% of susceptible never smokers were correctly classified.

  • AOR, adjusted OR.