TableĀ 4

Overview of meetings in the commissioning process

ActivityPurposeKey participants
Strategic planning meeting (one-off)Share ideas
Connect stakeholders
Build consensus
Commissioners, providers, third sector, patients and carers
Clinical executive meetingsIdentify priorities
Make funding decisions
Clinicians, health and social care commissioners
Joint strategic planning meetingsShare information
Set local priorities
Health and social care commissioners, providers, third sector
Consultation event (one-off)Gain feedback on service proposalsCommissioners, patients and carers, third sector
Planning workshop (one-off)Review progress and data
Develop action plan
Commissioners, providers
Local network meetingsDiscuss local needs
Consider possible actions
Commissioners, general practitioners, secondary care providers, patient representatives
Regional network meetingsShare information on best practiceCommissioners
Project meetingsProgress development of a new serviceCommissioners, providers
Pathway review (one-off)Ensure pathway elements are working togetherCommissioners, providers
Contract managementCheck performance
Identify problems
Commissioners, providers