TableĀ 1

Overview of commissioning stakeholders included within case studies

Primary care trustsThe organisations responsible for commissioning primary, community and secondary care from healthcare providers. Collectively, primary care trusts were responsible for spending around 80% of the total National Health Service (NHS) budget. Primary care trusts were replaced by clinical commissioning groups on 1 April 2013
Clinical commissionersGeneral practitioners and other clinicians involved in making decisions about strategic planning and purchasing of healthcare services for their local populations. Many have roles in the new clinical commissioning groups that replaced primary care trusts
Local hospitals, community and mental health providersPublic (NHS) or independent sector organisations that provide preventive, curative, promotional or rehabilitative healthcare services
Local governmentThe administrative organisation of local government in England, with responsibility for commissioning social care services
Independent and third sectorPrivate, charitable, voluntary and/or non-profit organisations contributing to planning, purchasing or providing healthcare services