Table 4

Cost parameters used in the economic model

Costs (in £) per 6 monthsBase-case scenarioLow-cost scenarioHigh-cost scenarioSource
UC£161£592TEN-HMS,18 Clinical opinion
STS HM£715£623£794Clinical opinion
STS HH£1075£1051£1152Clinical opinion
TM£1051£801£1288Clinical opinion
Usual care costs (per month) after 6 month intervention duration
 UC after 6 months£8.23NICE HF guidelines9
Hospitalisation costsEstimateLower 95% CIUpper 95% CI
 HF-related hospitalisations*£2514.49£1857£2809NHS Reference Costs for 201121
 Other-cause hospitalisations†£1529.79£1129£1709NHS Reference Costs for 201121
  • *Heart failure or shock (EB03H EB03I): non-elective inpatient (long stay) including excess bed days.21

  • †Non-elective inpatient (long stay and short stay) including excess bed days.21