Table 2

Demographics of participants in each round

Female (F) or male (M)Age rangeEducational status*Use of literature at work †
Round 1 (10)7F, 3M29–741=4, 2=4, 3=2Y=3, N=7
Round 2 (10)7F, 3M22–711=4, 2=4, 3=2Y=3, N=7
Round 3 (10)7F, 3M26–721=4, 2=4, 3=2Y=3, n=7
Round 4 (10)7F, 3M21–731=4, 2=4, 3=2Y=3, N=7
  • *Educational status: 1=education complete by 16 years; 2=A-level or equivalent; 3=higher educational graduate.

  • †Use of literature at work: Y=yes: uses written documents regularly at work; N=no: written document not used regularly at work, not working or retired.