Table 2

Prevalence of psychosocial stressors in women in 1968 (N=800)

NPer cent
Physical illness in spouse627.8
Mental illness in spouse9812.3
Alcohol abuse in spouse556.9
Social problem in spouse8110.1
Work related problems in spouse324.0
Serious problem in children708.8
Mental illness in child13917.4
Mental illness in father15118.9
Alcohol abuse in father10012.5
Mental illness in mother21226.5
Mental illness in sibling25531.9
Alcohol abuse in sibling799.9
Limited social contacts536.6
Work related problems192.4
Received help from social security101.3
Extramarital childbirth8410.5
Number of psychosocial stressors
 0 psychosocial stressor14918.6
 1 psychosocial stressor19724.6
 2 psychosocial stressors18423.0
 3 psychosocial stressors14319.9
 4 psychosocial stressors698.6
 ≥5 psychosocial stressors587.2