Table 1

Major illegal drug data surveillance systems

Surveillance systemCountry/regionInception dateIllegal drugs consideredOutcomes consideredSummary of findings
University of Mississippi Marijuana ProjectUSA1975–XXCannabis potency increased between 1990 and 2009
STRIDE Surveillance SystemUSA1986–XXXXXPrice decreased and purity/potency increased across all illegal drugs considered
Drug Seizures DatabaseInternational1980–XXXXSeizures of all drugs have increased between 1995 and 2006
UNODC Annual Reports QuestionnaireInternational1990–XXXXXXPrices of opiates, cocaine, and cannabis have generally decreased in Europe and the USA while purity and potency have increased
Reitox (EMCDDA database)Europe1993–XXXXXPrice of all illegal substances decreased in 2002–2007. Cocaine, cannabis and heroin seizures increased between 2002 and 2007
Illicit Drug Reporting SystemAustralia2000–XXXXXXBetween 2000 and 2010, the price of cocaine, cannabis and heroin decreased, while perceived purity remained stable
National Drug Threat AssessmentUSA2001–XXXXXBetween 2005 and 2009, cocaine purity decreased whereas price increased
  • EC, European Commission; EMCDDA, European Monitoring Centre For Drugs and Drug Addiction; EU, European Union; STRIDE, System To Retrieve Information from Drug Evidence; UNODC, United Nations Office of Drug Control.