Table 8

Number (N) and percentage of responses for different response categories with ESs, mean score changes by response category and ANOVA tests for linear trend for the mean score across the three response categories for ICOAP and KOOS-PS

 N (% of responses)32 (34)27 (29)35 (37)
 Mean change (SD)−13.42 (23)−5.64 (17)2.73 (16)
 p Value for linear trend<0.003<0.003<0.003
 N (% of responses)25 (31)27 (33)30 (37)
 Mean change (SD)−11.98 (15)−4.22 (12)1.61 (12)
 p Value for linear trend<0.001<0.001<0.001
  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; ESs, effect sizes; ICOAP, Intermittent and Constant Osteoarthritis Pain; KOOS-PS, Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Score-Physical Function Short Form.