Table 5

Significance of change in OKS, its subscales (OKS-PCS and OKS-FCS), ICOAP and KOOS-PS scores at 3 months (one-sample t test)

NBaseline (SD)3 Months (SD)Change (SD)p ValueES
OKS10430.29 (10)32.15 (11)1.87 (7)0.010.19
OKS-PCS10759.36 (22)65.13 (24)5.77 (17)<0.010.26
OKS-FCS10867.22 (21)68.66 (23)1.44 (16)0.40.07
ICOAP*10437.19 (25)31.53 (25)−5.66 (19)<0.010.23
KOOS-PS*9239.42 (18)34.88 (20)−4.5 (14)<0.010.25
  • *ICOAP and KOOS-PS represent severity of the disease in the opposite direction from OKS and its subscales.

  • ES, effect size; ICOAP, Intermittent and Constant Osteoarthritis Pain; KOOS-PS, Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Score-Physical Function Short Form; N, number of complete cases available for calculation of 3-month follow-up; OKS, Oxford Knee Score; OKS-FCS, Functional Component Score; OKS-PCS, Pain Component Score.