Table 7

Factors associated with current smoking among health professional students, University of Health Sciences, Lao PDR

NPer centAdjusted OR95% CIp Value
 Male2211.510.013 to 0.242 
 ≤24 years204.910.203 to 2.6150.628
 ≥25 years45.20.729
 Attitudes towards smoking (X+SD)2312.69+1.551.1470.855 to 1.5130.377
Receiving training on the dangers of smoking
 Yes205.30.8060.255 to 2.5450.713
Exposure to SES in the home during the past 7 days
 No82.710.96 to 1.860.084
  • PDR, People's Democratic Republic; SES, socio-economic status.