Table 5

Awareness of smoking policy by programme

Dental (n=64, %)Medical (n=276, %)Nursing (n=34, %)Pharmacy (n=132, %)Total (N=506, %)
Does your school have an official policy banning smoking in school buildings and clinics?
 Yes, for school buildings only25.017.944.125.822.6
 Yes, for clinics only1.
 Yes, for school buildings and clinics59.452.223.553.851.6
 No official policy14.126.623.518.922.8
Is your school's official smoking ban for school buildings and clinics enforced?
 Yes, policy is enforced82.875.969.783.278.3
 No, policy is not enforced9.45.512.16.96.8
 School has no official policy7.818.618.29.914.9