Table 4

Attitudes towards tobacco control among health professional students, University of Health Sciences, Lao People's Democratic Republic (PDR)

Total (n=493)*Smokers (n=26)Non-smokers (n=468)p Value
Respondents who answered yes to the question…Per cent (n) Per cent (n) Per cent (n)(two-sided)
Should tobacco sales to adolescents be banned?94.9 (466)95.7 (22)94.9 (444)1.000
Should advertising be completely banned?78.2 (383)65.2 (15)78.8 (368)0.127
Do you agree with a smoking ban in restaurants?90.7 (447)80.0 (20)91.2 (427)0.072
Do you agree with a smoking ban in discos/bars/pubs?70.5 (347)70.8 (17)70.5 (330)1.000
Do you think that smoking in all public spaces should be banned?83.1 (409)72.0 (18)83.7 (391)0.165
Should health professionals get cessation training?94.1 (463)92.0 (23)94.2 (440)0.652
Are health professionals role models?97.8 (481)88.0 (22)98.3 (459)0.015
Should health professionals give quitting advice routinely?95.3 (466)95.8 (23)95.3 (443)1.000
Should health professionals routinely advise their patients who use other tobacco products to quit using these products?70.0 (345)72.0 (18)69.9 (327)1.000
Do health professionals have a role in giving advice about smoking cessation to patients?98.0 (482)96.0 (24)98.1 (458)0.409
Do chances of quitting improve if a health professional gives advice?92.4 (451)95.8 (23)92.2 (428)1.000
  • *The total sample size for each question is not the same due to missing values.