Table 2

Risk of dementia according to board game playing in the Paquid cohort

Model 1*Model 2†
HR95% CIp ValueHR95% CIp Value
Board game (players vs non-players)0.850.74 to 0.990.040.960.82 to 1.130.62
Gender (female vs male)1.291.10 to 1.520.0021.231.04 to 1.460.01
Education (higher vs lower)
 Primary school with diploma0.650.56 to 0.76<0.00010.850.72 to 1.010.07
 Secondary level0.580.45 to 0.74<0.00010.840.64 to 1.110.22
 College0.500.36 to 0.710.00010.760.53 to 1.090.13
 High school0.380.25 to 0.58<0.00010.570.37 to 0.880.01
Marital status
 Widowed vs married0.890.76 to to 1.000.05
 Single vs married1.280.93 to 1.750.121.200.86 to 1.680.28
 Divorced vs married1.160.77 to 1.740.491.060.70 to 1.610.78
History of stroke (yes vs no)1.551.17 to 2.050.00161.310.97 to 1.780.08
Diabetes (yes vs no)1.100.84 to 1.460.481.050.79 to 1.400.72
MMSE score0.910.89 to 0.93<0.0001
Depression (yes vs no)1.341.12 to 1.590.001
  • Multivariate Cox model.

  • *Adjustment on age, gender, education, marital status, history of stroke and diabetes.

  • †Adjustment on age, gender, education, marital status, history of stroke, diabetes, mini-mental state examination (MMSE) score and depression.