Table 3

Key findings from the consumers’ and pharmacists’ focus groups

Key findings from the consumer focus group (n=5)
Approach by a pharmacistAs there was no prior advertisement of the study, all consumers were unaware of it; they all spoke about being ‘surprised’ when the pharmacist introduced ECOMPACT. They all agreed that the initial ‘surprise’ subsided fairly quickly because the pharmacists handled the consultation professionally
Confidentiality/environment of pharmacyAll five consumers had different experiences about privacy and confidentiality during their consultation with the pharmacist. Two consumers had their consultation at the front counter in the pharmacy with very little or no privacy
ECOMPACT testing kitThey found the written material and instructions well set out, self-explanatory and easy to read and understand. Self-collection of LVS was easy to use and was not a barrier to them
Returning the specimenTwo consumers said that returning the pathology sample to the designated places was their biggest deterrent. Had this process been simpler or more convenient, both would have completed the process
Obtaining resultsWhile calling a designated phone number to obtain their test results was not a barrier, methods such as postal mail and email should also have been provided as options
Strategies for improving for ECOMPACT
  1. Ensure all pharmacies have and use separate consultation areas

  2. Make chlamydia testing available at all times from all pharmacies

  3. Advertise pharmacy chlamydia testing service

  4. Education on chlamydia screening to pharmacist and consumers

  5. Package EC and chlamydia kit together

  6. Increase venues for returning completed specimen

  7. Consider using postal returns for completed specimen

  8. Give multiple options for obtaining results—mail/email/phone

Key findings from the pharmacist focus group (n=6)
Engaging with the EC consumerPharmacists said they felt confident and comfortable talking about EC and chlamydia testing. They found recruiting women for ECOMPACT difficult because women did not want to spend time in the pharmacy or were not interested in chlamydia screening.
Infrastructure (time, paperwork and money)They all agreed that the paperwork and documentation took extra time. EC was usually requested on weekends and evenings. This allowed some of the quieter pharmacies to spend time with the consumer, while those that had locum pharmacists on weekends found ECOMPACT very time-consuming and difficult to implement.
Strategies for improving for ECOMPACT▸ Simplify the paperwork or incorporate into PSA EC checklist ▸ Utilise a web-based system for recording ▸ Provide adequate compensation/incentives for time ▸ Provide ongoing training on chlamydia and communication skills ▸ Make chlamydia testing available at all times from all pharmacies
  • EC, emergency contraception; ECOMPACT, Emergency Contraception Mediated Pharmacy Access to Chlamydia Testing; LVS, low vaginal swab; PSA, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.