Table 5

Predictors of hospitalisation, using multivariate Poisson regression, and controlling for treatment cohort

Poisson count model
Specification: adherence covariate excludedParameter estimateIncidence rate ratiop Value
Received an STR (vs 2+PPD regimen)−0.16540.84750.0001
Female (vs male)0.10031.10690.003
Age (vs less than 35) (years)
Charlson comorbidity index score (vs Charlson comorbidity index score less than 1)
 Between 1 and 20.86622.3779<0.0001
 Greater than 20.9722.6432<0.0001
Treatment naïve (vs treatment experienced)0.11961.12700.0033
Had a mental disorder diagnosis (vs no mental disorder diagnosis)0.2561.2917<0.0001
Had a drug or alcohol abuse diagnosis (vs no drug or alcohol abuse diagnosis)0.71092.0357<0.0001
Length of follow-up (in days)0.00131.0013<0.0001
  • 2+PPD; two or more pills per day; STR, once-daily single-tablet regimen.