Table 2

Multivariate regression coefficients (95% CI) for the association of Mediterranean diet scores or other dietary patterns with mental and physical component scores and further adjustment for food antioxidant content (FAC) or dietary fibre

β*95% CIp Value**Β*95% CIp Value**
β*95% CIp Value**Further adjusted for FACFurther adjusted for dietary fibre
Mental component score
 Mediterranean diet0.330.18 to 0.49<0.00010.08−0.09 to 0.250.350.13−0.04 to 0.290.13
 Italian Mediterranean index0.360.20 to 0.51<0.00010.03−0.14 to 0.220.670.15−0.01 to 0.320.07
 Olive oil and vegetables pattern0.500.34 to 0.65<0.00010.19−0.003 to 0.380.050.320.15 to 0.500.0004
 Meat and pasta pattern0.07−0.10 to 0.240.440.05−0.12 to 0.210.590.14−0.03 to 0.310.11
 Eggs and sweets pattern−0.33−0.52 to −0.140.001−0.18−0.39 to 0.010.06−0.16−0.36 to 0.040.11
Physical component score
 Mediterranean diet0.150.06 to 0.240.0010.130.03 to to 0.260.001
 Italian Mediterranean index0.08−0.003 to−0.04 to−0.01 to 0.170.09
 Olive oil and vegetables pattern0.150.06 to 0.240.0010.150.04 to to 0.270.0010
 Meat and pasta pattern−0.11−0.20 to −0.020.02−0.12−0.22 to −0.030.01−0.11−0.20 to −0.010.03
 Eggs and sweets pattern−0.02−0.13 to 0.080.710.004−0.11 to 0.120.94−0.01−0.12 to 0.100.90
  • *Regression coefficients represent the variation in mental or physical component scores for a one standard deviation change in MDS, IMI or dietary patterns.

  • **p for trend values obtained from fully adjusted model for age, sex, BMI, total energy intake, total physical activity, education, income, total socioeconomic status, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia.