Table 1

Investigation overview—MONARCA RCT

SCANQuestionnaires*Rating scales†Blood analysis‡Urine analysis§Saliva analysis¶SCIP
Randomisation 1:1 using MONARCA application or not
 1 monthxx
 2 monthxx
 3 monthxxxxxx
 4 monthxx
 5 monthxx
 6 monthxxxxxx
  • *Questionnaires: Massachusetts General Hospital Cognitive and Physical Functioning Questionnaire, Altman Self-rating scale for mania (ASRM), Psychosocial Functioning (FAST), Coping Strategies (CISS), Quality of life (WHOQOL), Perceived Stress and MDI.

  • †Rating scales: HDRS and YMRS.

  • ‡Blood analysis: BDNF, psychotropic medication and one sample of whole-blood at baseline.

  • §Urine analysis: oxidative stress.

  • ¶Saliva analysis: cortisol.