Table 4

Final model using Cox regression to predict stopping ‘Exclusive’ breastfeeding (n=233)

VariableHRCIp Value
Parous—any breastfeeding0.873(0.63 to 1.21)0.4103
Parous—no breastfeeding0.809(0.41 to 1.58)0.5367
Higher managerial, administrative and professional occupations0.726(0.46 to 1.15)0.1716
Intermediate occupations0.789(0.44 to 1.41)0.4246
Routine and manual occupations0.880(0.50 to 1.56)0.6601
Not in paid employment1.000
TPB score 4: intention to breastfeed (high vs low)0.715(0.53 to 0.97)0.0317
Total IIFAS score (+ 10 units)0.553(0.43 to 0.71)<0.0001
  • IIFAS, Iowa Infant Feeding Assessment Scale; TPB, Theory of Planned Behaviour.