Table 3

Summary of incomplete adherence, by cohort

Adherence characteristicSTR (n=1797)2+PPD (n=5584)p Value
Percentage of days with complete adherence84.42%80.37%<0.0001
Percentage of days with partial adherence5.56%
Percentage of days with no ART medications15.58%14.07%0.0356
Complete adherence days, mean (SD)299.36(234.56)361.87(315.03)<0.0001
Partial adherence days, mean (SD)22.24(45.58)
Days with no medication available, mean (SD)48.81(54.24)49.35(57.11)0.0356
Total follow-up duration, mean (SD)348.17(259.31)433.46(351.50)<0.0001
Maximum consecutive gap in therapy mean (SD)*19.48(15.89)23.92(16.67)<0.0001
  • *Represents either days with a partial regimen or days with no medications.

  • 2+PPD, two or more pills per day; ART, antiretroviral therapy; STR, once-daily single-tablet regimen.