Table 6

Summary of costs associated with implementation

Total costsSite ASite BSite CSite DTotal
Salaries*£63 002£33 341.4£52 772£44 423£193 538
Training†£5801.90£4733.90£5081.90£5144£20 761.70
Room hire‡£3883.89£3003£3000£3000£12 886.89
Course materials‡£3750£1625£2250£2250£9875
Crèche‡£17 862.66£17 097.96£15 000£15 000£64 960.62
Total cost£94 300.45£59 801.26£78 103.90£69 827£302 022.21
No of courses1513151558
Cost per 11-week programme£6286.70£4600£5206.93£4654.47£5207.28
Mean cost per 11-week programme£5187.03 (SD=782.71)
Mean cost per family per programme (based on 8 parents attending)£648.38 (SD=97.84)
Cost per family per programme (based on 13 parents invited to attend)399
Cost per family per programme (based on 6 parents completing the programme)865
  • *We applied hourly rates based on grade of staff (including on-costs) from PSSRU52; 34/h for health visitor; 23/h for parenting coordinator and 18/h for community support worker. Administrative overheads were estimated at 10% direct salary costs in line with recommendations from the local finance teams.

  • †Training was based on cost of facilitator (34/h for health visitor) and hourly rate for staff to attend initial training from PSSRU68 and top up sessions including travel costs based on HM revenue and customs approved mileage rates.73

  • ‡Costs were derived directly from financial records and interviews with staff at local sites.