Table 5

Individual journal characteristics

JournalsIncluded studiesImpact factor*Supplement or appendix; formatWord count limitTable limitFigure limit
Alimentary Pharmacology and TherapeuticsEdwards363.861Y, onlineNNN
Annals of Internal MedicineGross et al1616.792Y, not specified3500–40004 tables or figures4 tables or figures
Archives of Internal MedicineSciarretta et al20; Cooper et al4710.639Y, online35006–8 tables or figures6–8 tables or figures
BMJBaldwin et al49; Hartling et al17; Stettler43; Trelle et al21; Wandel et al30; Lam and Owen4513.471Y, onlineNNN
British Journal of AnaesthesiaMaund et al184.224Y, online5000NN
British Journal of OphthalmologyVan den Bruel et al232.934Y, online30005 tables or figures5 tables or figures
Cancer Treatment ReviewsGolfinopoulus et al386.811NNNN
Clinical TherapeuticsEdwards372.551Y, online5500–6000NN
Cochrane Database of Systematic ReviewsWalsh et al296.186NNNN
Current Medical Research and Opinionvan de Kerkhof et al22; Orme et al25; Uthman and Abdulmalik27; Vissers et al282.609*Y, online11 200NN
DermatologyBansback et al342.714Y, not specified13 pages for text, tables, figuresIncluded in page countIncluded in page count
Drug and Alcohol DependenceMeader403.365Y, online6000NN
GastroenterologyWoo et al3212.023Y, online6000Minimum of 4–6 figures or illustrationsMinimum of 4–6 figures or illustrations
Health technology assessment (Winchester, England)Maund et al 184.197NNNN
The Journal of the American Medical AssociationPhung et al2630Y, online35004 tables or figures4 tables or figures
Journal of Hospital InfectionWang et al313.078N5000NN
Journal of HypertensionColeman et al413.98Y, onlineNNN
Journal of the National Cancer InstituteMauri et al42; Kyrgiou et al4814.697Y, online60008 table or figures8 tables or figures
LancetCipriani et al3533.633Y, online4500“Should include about 5 illustrations”“Should include about 5 illustrations”
Lancet Infectious DiseaseManzoli et al3916.144Y, online3000–5000“Should include about 5 illustrations”“Should include about 5 illustrations”
Lancet OncologyGolfinopoulos et al44; Bangalore1517.764Y, online3000–5000“Should include about 5–6 illustrations”“Should include about 5–6 illustrations”
PharmacotherapyBaker et al332.631N7000NN
RheumatologyNixon et al464.171Y, online35006 figures or tables6 figures or tables
Value in HealthDakin et al242.342Y, onlineNNN
  • *The impact factor was obtained from Web of Science in 2012, except when the symbol appears for that journal the impact factor was not available in Web of Science and was taken from the journal's website.

  • †Published as a manuscript and health technology assessment report, but counted as one unique publication.

  • N, no; Y, yes.