Table 3

Representative participant comments on trust of an interactive prevention health record (IPHR)

SubthemesRepresentative quotations
SecurityIt (IPHR) came through our own doctor; I didn't have any problem with it. If it had just been out of the blue I might have.
At first I was curious as to what is this (IPHR), but then I guess I trusted it because it was [clinician's office] which I trusted.
I've come to trust him to keep my information in his laptop…you have to trust the doctor.
PrivacyI think personally I would only trust what I was affiliated with. What should be familiar with me. I mean, Google certainly doesn't know me…
Another Participant: Oh, Yes they do.
The information you have on the system, passing data maybe to insurance companies and then turn around later and say no we're not going to insure you…
I got scared…because I got the impression that I was going to discuss things of my personal nature with my doctor on the website and I didn't like that, and so I discarded it because I'd rather talk about my health face to face with my doctor.
AccuracyThere's so many sites out there that you wonder how valid. I felt good that [the clinician's office was] endorsing or leading me to a particular site that they must feel confident in the information and the content.
One reason I don't do (Internet health information) a whole lot is because you get conflicting views and I don't know who to believe and who not to believe. So I…ask my doctor.
I was getting emotionally distraught over those things that I was reading (on the Internet) and then, come to find out, I didn't even have to be concerned about it. But… I got to leave those kinds of things to the doctor because that's what he's trained for.