Table 2

AHRs (95% CIs) for first injury resulting in activity limitations from Cox regression analysis by sociodemographic characteristics, Estonian FFS 2004–2005

CharacteristicAHR95% CI
 Men2.021.73 to 2.36
 Basic0.980.81 to 1.19
 Higher0.710.51 to 0.98
Employment/activity status
 Child/pupil/student0.720.49 to 1.06
 Employed: manual work1.541.24 to 1.91
 Employed: non-manual work1
 Other1.190.90 to 1.57
Marital status
 Never-partnered1.190.91 to 1.55
 Divorced/separated1.431.09 to 1.87
 Widow(er)1.090.71 to 1.66
 Foreign origin0.600.50 to 0.72
Place of residence
 Rural1.120.95 to 1.31
  • The model was also adjusted for age group.

  • Nativity here distinguishes between the native population of Estonia (mainly ethnic Estonians) and the foreign-origin population (postwar immigrants from various parts of the former Soviet Union and their descendants).

  • AHR, adjusted HR; FFS, Family and Fertility Survey.