Table 3

Probability of PTSD in employees of the Norwegian Ministries, according to localisation during the bomb attack adjusted for gender, age, education, marital status and leadership position

OR95% CIp Value
 Norway0.970.49 to 1.950.94
 Oslo periphery0.920.40 to 2.100.83
 Oslo downtown1.110.42 to 2.920.83
 Government district8.794.45 to 17.37<0.001
Gender (women vs men)2.031.28 to 3.230.003
Age (increase of 10 years)1.040.85 to 1.260.72
Education (years)
 More than 16ref
 13–161.651.04 to 2.630.035
 12 or less1.530.80 to 2.920.20
Married or cohabiting (yes vs no)0.980.62 to 1.530.92
Leadership (yes vs no)0.420.20 to 0.860.019
  • PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.