Table 2

Characteristics of cigarette smokers currently smoking from a plain pack compared with a branded pack

N smoking from a plain packPercentage of smoking from a plain packUnadjusted OR (95% CI)
Total (N=536)38872.3
 Male (n=303)21470.41.00 (Ref)
 Female (n=233)17474.8OR 1.25 (0.85 to 1.83), p=0.262
Age group (years)p=0.579
 18–29 (n=163)12375.21.00 (Ref)
 30–49 (n=229)16471.6OR=0.83 (0.53 to 1.32), p=0.432
 50+ (n=144)10170.1OR=0.77 (0.47 to 1.28), p=0.317
 Up to year 12 (n=333)23570.61.00 (Ref)
 Tertiary level and above (n=204)15375.1OR=1.26 (0.85 to 1.87), p=0.258
Socioeconomic statusp=0.150
 Low (n=129)8565.61.00 (Ref)
 Medium (n=345)25774.7OR=1.55 (1.00 to 2.40), p=0.050
 High (n=63)4673.1OR=1.42 (0.73 to 2.77), p=0.299
Area of residence (n=532)
 Metropolitan Victoria (n=387)27972.11.00 (Ref)
 Regional Victoria (n=146)10572.2OR=1.00 (0.66 to 1.53), p=0.990
Current daily consumption level (average no of cigarettes/day n=523)p=0.312
 <5 (including non-daily smokers) (n=139)9266.31.00
 >5–10  (n=132)10075.5OR=1.57 (0.92 to 2.66), p=0.098
 >10–15 (n=103)7875.3OR=1.55 (0.88 to 2.74), p=0.133
 >15 (n=150)10771.2OR=1.26 (0.76 to 2.07), p=0.370
Ever tried to quit (n=532)
 No (n=86)4654.21.00 (Ref)
 Yes (n=446)33775.6OR=2.61 (1.62 to 4.21), p<0.001
Brand segmentp=0.001
 Value (n=140)8560.41.00 (Ref)
 Mainstream (n=249)19578.4OR=2.38 (1.51 to 3.74), p<0.001
 Premium (n=147)10873.3OR=1.80 (1.09 to 2.96), p=0.021
Exposure to antismoking TV campaign
 Did not recall advertising (n=243)16668.31.00 (Ref)
 Recalled at least one of three antismoking campaign advertisements (n=293)22275.7OR=1.45 (0.99 to 2.12), p=0.056
  • *Numbers may not add to N=536 due to rounding off of weighted numbers.