Table 1

Characteristics of current smokers

Number*Per cent
Age group (years)
 Up to year 1233362.0
 Tertiary level and above20438.0
Socioeconomic status
 Low (most disadvantaged)12924.1
 High (least disadvantaged)6311.7
Area of residence
 Metropolitan Victoria38772.1
 Regional Victoria14627.2
Current daily consumption level (average no of cigarettes/day)
 <5 (includes non-daily smokers)13925.8
Ever tried to quit
Brand segment
Exposure to antismoking TV campaign
 Did not recall any advertisements24345.3
 Recalled at least one antismoking advertisement29354.7
Smoking from a plain pack
 Week 112557.2
 Week 214266.3
 Week 314280.4
 Weeks 4–512685.0
  • *Numbers may not add to N=536 due to rounding off of weighted numbers.