Table 2

Description of included named medical indemnity databases

Name of databaseSettingDescription of database
Data sharing project of the Physician Insurers Association of America (PIAA)USATrade association of >50 medical malpractice insurance companies which insure approximately 60% of all privately practicing physicians in the USA. In 1985, the Data Sharing Project was established which pools data for approximately 22 member companies representing approximately 25% of the medical malpractice claims at a specific time point. It provides specialty-specific information
Controlled Risk Insurance Companies (CRICOs)USAComprises three companies owned by and serving the Harvard medical communities; the Controlled Risk Insurance Company of Vermont, Inc, the Controlled Risk Insurance Company, Ltd. and the Risk Management Foundation (RMF). Together, these companies insure approximately 83 000 physicians in Massachusetts and New Hampshire
The Doctors’ CompanyUSAPhysician-owned medical liability insurer which insures >73 000 doctors in the USA
Medical Defence Union (MDU)UKMedical defence organisation and a mutual company owned by its members, with >200 000 members in the UK and Ireland
Medical Protection Society (MPS)UKMedical defence organisation and a mutual company with >270 000 members internationally. The main jurisdictions are the UK and Ireland but also include South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Caribbean, Bermuda and Kenya. It includes both open and closed malpractice claims
Medical Indemnity National Collection (MINC)AustraliaDatabase for medical malpractice claims for the public and private sectors in Australia. There is mandatory reporting of claims to the MINC by all medical indemnity insurers since 2003, so this database should have 100% coverage. It includes open and closed malpractice claims. Of note, more than one claim may be opened for the same incident, for example, if the GP has insurance with more than one medical indemnifier or if multiple clinicians are involved in the same claim. Therefore, one claim may be counted more than once
Sou Medical-Groupe MACSF insurance companyFranceDatabase for medical malpractice claims inputted from a nationwide medical insurance company covering 45 000 GPs in France. It corresponds to approximately 60% of physicians working in France and includes all malpractice claims reported to the region's government-appointed review board regardless of outcome
Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)CanadaPhysician-owned medical defence union whose membership comprises most practising physicians in Canada and serves over 83 000 members
  • GP, general practitioner.