Table 4

Comparison of MOS-PF score and OR of low MOS-PF score between TKA and non-TKA participants

Type of matchingMOS-PF, no TKA groupMOS-PF, TKA groupOR of low MOS-P, TKA compared with no TKA group
Matched by age, sex, osteoarthritis76.5 (75.9–77.1)61.1 (59.0–62.2)2.3 (2.2–2.6)
+Regression adjustments75.5 (75.9–77.1)64.3 (62.5–65.7)2.3 (2.2–2.6)
Matched on propensity score68.4 (67.8–69.0)59.9 (58.4–62.4)1.6 (1.4–1.7)
  • MOS-PF, Medical Outcomes Study Physical Function; TKA, total knee arthroplasty.