Table 2

Risk-adjusted HRs for hormone therapy in different datasets

DatasetHT typeMyocardial infarctionStroke
HR95% CIHR95% CI
WHI OSAny E0.83(0.72 to 0.95)0.85(0.70 to 1.03)
E+P0.86*(0.70 to 1.05)0.82*(0.65 to 1.04)
E-alone0.80†(0.69 to 0.94)0.88‡(0.71 to 1.11)
Diet RCTAny E0.75(0.62 to 0.89)1.04(0.80 to 1.37)
E+P0.96(0.75 to 1.22)1.00(0.72 to 1.39)
E-alone0.65†§(0.53 to 0.81)1.07(0.79 to 1.45)
HT RCTAny E1.18(0.99 to 1.41)1.29(1.05 to 1.58)
E+P1.30(1.02 to 1.65)1.34(1.02 to 1.77)
E-alone1.05(0.81 to 1.36)1.23(0.91 to 1.67)
  • *Differs from the comparable RCT HR at the p<0.01 level.

  • †Differs from the comparable RCT HR at the p=0.02 level.

  • ‡Differs from the comparable RCT HR at the p=0.06 level.

  • §Differs from 1.00 at the p<0.0001 level.

  • Any E, E+P or E-alone; E-alone, oestrogen alone; E+P, oestrogen plus progesterone; HT, hormone therapy; OS, observational study; RCT, randomised controlled trial; WHI, Women's Health Initiative.