Table 1

Percentage of participants in a given category by dataset and type of hormone therapy

VariablesWHI OSRCT for dietRCTs for HT
E+PE-aloneNo HTE+PE-aloneNo HTE+PE-alone
Sample size17 61821 65944 597890711 88019 96816 58110 719
Age (years)
Family income
 <$35 00023.033.442.723.433.941.945.354.5
 >$75 00029.120.014.527.418.813.712.58.1
Education level
 ≤HS grad13.220.824.813.721.623.526.132.4
 Col grad54.138.438.150.735.337.034.623.7
P Funct >7580.268.868.278.467.767.473.661.5
Med visit84.485.376.785.786.076.268.572.3
Meno sympt77.370.464.870.964.359.561.960.5
  • All characteristics differed among the four datasets and among treatment groups within the observational study and RCT for diet datasets at the p<0.0001 level.

  • Col, college; E-alone, oestrogen alone; E+P, oestrogen plus progesterone; grad, graduate; HS, high school; HT, hormone therapy; Med visit, visit to a physician within the past year; Meno sympt, history of menopausal symptoms; OS, observational study; P Funct, physical function score from the SF-36; RCT, randomised control trial.