Table 1

Participant details

ParticipantSexAgeEmploymentProductDose(s) usedUse of medicine at time of study?Treatment(s) and support used
1F40sHousewifeSolpadeine+diverted SolpadolVaried, up to 12–13/day IINo‘Cold turkey’, CF website
2F60sProfessionalNurofen PlusNo more than 6/day INoCF
3M40sUnemployedParamol, alcohol and Sudafed for short periodUp to 36/day either 16+16 or 12+12+12 IIINoGP, DAAT (methadone), Overcount
4MNDProfessionalCo-codamol, then SyndolUp to 8/day IYesGP, CF
5M30sProfessionalCo-codamol12–14/day IIYesCF
6M30sProfessional self-employedNurofen Plus+prev. non-opiate illicit substancesMax of 60 tablets/day IIINoGP, DAAT (buprenorphine) CF
7FNDFormer healthcare professionalSolpadeineUp to 8/day INoCF
8FNDCo-codamol soluble+prescription co-codamol 30/500Up to 16/day (max 4/dose) IINoCFM
9FNDHealthcare professionalNurofen Plus32/day (very occ. 64/day) IIINoCF+buprenorphine
10F30sUniversity studentFeminax then Cuprofen Plus prev. alcohol36/day IIIYesCF
11F40sProfessionalNurofen Plus24/day IIINoCF
12F20sProfessionalCo-codamol+prescribedUp to 8/day INoCF
13FNDProfessionalCo-codamol+prescribedup to 16/day occasionally+prescribed IIYesGP, Overcount
14M50sRetired professionalNurofen Plus+prescribed codeine phosphate10/day Nurofen plus+MDD of codeine IIINoOvercount
15M60sProfessionalSolpadeine solublevery occasionally 10/day IINoPrivate treatment
16MNDProfessionalPhensedyl90 bottles/week IIINoGP, DAAT
17MNDProfessionalPanadol Ultra and Nurofen Plus15–20 of each IIINoGP
18MNDNDSolpadeine4/day INoOvercount
19MNDSelf-employedNurofen Plus10/day IIYesCF, DAAT, GP
20FNDNDSolpadeineUp to 8/day IYesOvercount
21FNDNDSyndolUp to 8/day IYesCF, GP
22MNDFormer healthcare professionalCodeine linctus, Gees linctus, stolen dihydrocodieneVaried but much above max daily dose. IIINoCF+DAAT (methadone)
23M60sRetired professionalPhensedyl, actifed, codeine linctus diverted prescription codeine200 mL codeine linctus/day IIINoCF+GP+DAAT (methadone)
24F30sProfessionalSyndol+NytolSyndol: prev. up to 8/day, now 12/day in last 12 months IIYes SyndolOvercount
25F50sProfessionalFeminax, then Veganin6–10/day. Max=12/day IIYesOvercount+GP+drug action
  • I, consuming less than maximum recommended dose; II, consuming slightly higher than maximum recommended doses; III, consuming significantly higher than maximum recommended doses; CF, CodeineFree (internet support); DAAT, drug and alcohol treatment; F, female; GP, general practitioner (doctor); M, male; ND, not disclosed; Overcount, Internet support.