Table 1

Percentage distribution and OR estimates of work-related violence by depression (n=210)

Work-related violenceAbsent (%)Present (%)OR95% CISignificant values
Insulted or made to feel bad
 Yes9.690.43.281.50 to 7.200.001*
Humiliated in front of others
 Yes9.790.32.461.06 to 5.700.007*
Intimidated on purpose
 Yes9.490.62.250.82 to 6.120.070
Threatened to hurt loved ones
 Yes17.982.10.980.34 to 2.770.972
Pushed or shoved
 Yes21.478.60.750.28 to 2.010.570
History of physical assault
 Yes15. to 3.440.685
Raped or sexually assaulted
 Yes20.080.00.840.26 to 2.670.760
Attempt to rape
 Yes17.682.40.990.43 to 2.280.995
Suffered from any form of violence
 Yes10.389.76.963.21 to 15.08<0.001*
  • *Statistically significant (in italics).