Table 5

Key findings: adverse effects

StudyRisk-of-biasMonitoringAdverse effectsNotes
Wilkens et al30LowAdverse events, blood pressure (bp) monitored every visit
Fasting blood glucose, cholesterol levels before and following intervention
Adverse events (n=86), 40 in glucosamine group, 46 in placebo group. ∼30% of patients had adverse events
10 patients withdrew due to adverse events
Adverse events: mild gastrointestinal and dermatological symptoms. All self-limiting
Fasting blood glucose, cholesterol and bp did not alter
1 patient died in glucosamine group
1 participant in each group developed a disc herniation requiring surgery, events not considered study related
Tant et al31HighPatients interviewed at clinic visit regarding undesirable effectsAbdominal discomfort reported at 8 weeks by 1 patient in the glucosamine group and 1in the control group
None of the patients discontinued treatment due to an adverse event
Adverse effect may have been due to analgesic/anti-inflammatory treatment instead of glucosamine as abdominal discomfort also occurred in 1 patient not receiving glucosamine
Leffler et al32LowPatient survey of toxicity symptoms and faecal occult blood testing at end of each phase
Bp and pulse measured
21 patients had blood count and coagulation studies carried out
No patients reported symptoms requiring termination of the study
Symptom frequency on medication was similar to that at baseline
Vital signs, occult blood testing and haematological parameters did not change significantly from placebo to medication