Table 1

Baseline characteristics

Women n=1084Men n=909
VariableMeanSDMeanSDp Value
Age (years)37.74.937.55.10.36
Body mass index (kg/m2)25.34.926.74.2<0.0001
Waist circumference (cm)83.612.494.211.8<0.0001
Sedentary behaviour
 Total sedentary time (h/day)*<0.0001
 Screen time (h/day)†<0.0001
 TV viewing (h/day)
 Computer use (h/day)<0.0001
 Reading (h/day)<0.0001
 Relaxation (h/day)
 Radio/music listening (h/day)<0.0001
Physical activity
 Total MET index(MET h/week)19.620.519.922.00.15
 Leisure-time exercise (MET h/week)13.514.215.817.60.53
 Active commuting (MET h/week)<0.0001
 Light gardening and other housework (h/month)25.021.511.213.1<0.0001
 Moderate gardening and other housework (h/month)10.411.96.47.4<0.0001
 Strenuous gardening and other housework (h/month)5.710.
 Occupational physical workload (scale, 1–6)<0.0001
 Energy intake (kcal/day)21686782675852<0.0001
 Diet score (points, scale 1–27)15.13.711.83.7<0.0001
 Alcohol consumption (drinks/day)<0.0001
 Sleep duration (h/day)<0.0001
 Socioeconomic status (scale, 1–3)<0.0001
 Daily smoking (%)1523<0.0001
  • Values are mean and SD.

  • MET index=leisure-time exercise+active commuting.

  • p Value (non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis test).

  • *TV viewing+computer use+reading+music/radio+other relaxation hours.

  • †TV viewing+computer use.

  • MET, metabolic equivalent; diet score, adherence to the recommended diet.