Table 2

ESAS scores at inclusion and prior to discharge of patients*

SymptomsFirst assessment†Second assessment†Difference in mean scores of first and second ESASp Value
Mean (SD)Mean (SD)
Pain at rest3.2 (2.8)1.5 (1.9)1.7<01
Pain at movement4.4 (3.1)2.7 (2.7)1.7<01
Tiredness6.1 (2.5)5.5 (2.6)0.6NS
Nausea1.7 (2.5)1.3 (2.0)0.4NS
Shortness of breath3.0 (2.9)2.8 (3.2)0.2NS
Oral dryness (xerostomia)5.1 (2.7)5.2 (2.6)−0.1NS
Appetite5.6 (2.9)5.0 (2.4)0.6NS
Anxiety/uneasiness1.9 (2.5)2.3 (2.7)−0.4NS
Depression/sadness2.3 (2.7)2.9 (3.0)−0.6NS
“Overall, how are you feeling today?”4.5 (2.3)4.2 (2.1)0.3NS
  • *Numerical rating scale (0–10) with higher scores implying higher symptom intensity.

  • †N varies between 38 and 34 because of missing items on some of the forms.

  • NS, not significant.