Table 2

Predictive performance of candidate OLS-mapping models in the validation cohort (n=1753)

ModelMAERMSEAdjusted R2
Total score‡0.1150.1510.298
Total score+total score20.1190.1520.306
Dichotomised, all individual item scores0.1170.1550.285
All individual item scores§0.1110.1500.324
Most parsimonious model based on individual item scores0.1120.1500.323
Most intuitive model based on individual item scores0.1120.1500.319
  • ‡In acknowledgement that not all who wish to use a mapping algorithm will have access to individual item score data, the total score algorithm which did not perform as well as the preferred individual MSWS-12 item-score equation is provided here (EQ-5D=−0.003* (transformed MSWS-12 total score)+0.894 (constant)); note that an asterisk (*) indicates the item was multiplied by/multiplication operator and a dagger () denotes a p value <0.05.

  • §Preferred model.

  • MAE, MSWS-12, 12-item Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale; mean absolute error; OLS, ordinary least squares; RMSE, root mean square error.