Table 2

Price weights, calculations and sources

General Practitioner
Practice nurse
 Phone£4.74PerConsultationCost per hour12×average call length13
District nurse
 Surgery£18.86PerConsultationCost per hour12×average consultation length.13 Consultation length assumed to be equal to that of a practice nurse
 Phone£10.46PerConsultationCost per hour12×average Call length.13 Call length assumed to be equal to that of a practice nurse
NHS 24 contact£41.71PerContact£35.6914 inflated to 2009/2010 prices using Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS) pay and price inflation index12)
LUCS consultation£64.82PerConsultationNumber of LUCS contacts divided by total budget, obtained private communication with NHS Lothian. Information on cost per consultation was not available
A&E visit£95.00PerVisit15
MedicationAll medication use recorded was priced individually using the 2011 prices from the MIMS data base16 deflated to 2009 prices using the Pharmaceutical Inflation component of the CPI37 with adjustments made for 10.5% claw back17 and container costs18
HBPM service and device£70.77For6 monthsPer patient (see table 3)
  • A&E, accident and emergency; HBPM, home blood pressure monitor; LUCS, Lothian Unscheduled Care Service; NHS, National Health Service.