Table 3

Primary and secondary outcome scores among patients treated for sciatica according to perceived recovery at 5 years

Disability*Leg pain†Back pain†
OutcomeMean (SD)Median (IQR)Mean (SD)Median (IQR)Mean (SD)Median (IQR)
Unsatisfactory recovery (n=49)‡11.3 (5.6)11.0 (6.5–15.5)42.8 (27.9)46.0 (17.5–66.0)48.6 (49.5)49.5 (32.0–66.75)
Satisfactory recovery (n=182)‡1.3 (2.3)0.0 (0.0–2.0)6.5 (13.7)1.0 (0.0–6.0)10.2 (14.6)4.0 (0.0–15.0)
  • *Roland disability questionnaire for sciatica.

  • †Measured on a 100 mm analogue scale.

  • ‡The seven-point Likert scale of global perceived recovery was dichotomised to satisfactory outcome (‘complete’ and ‘nearly complete’ recovery) and unsatisfactory outcome (the other 5 scores ranging from ‘some recovery’ to ‘severe worsening of complaints’).